nahi janti q lakin jb tk zuban sy Khuda ka nam na nikly dil ko sakun aur rooh ko aram nahi ata.nahi janti k ilfaz isliye istamal kiye q k me kehny ko to musalman hun lakin  islam py amal nahi krti, jhut, ghibt kahen na kahen chori bhe ho jati hy byimani ho jati hy lakin is sab k bawajud Us Zaat Pak ka Karam hy Rehm hymujh par k nawazta chala jata hy. mujhsy jhuka nahi jata aur wo ata krta jata hy. mujhsy tooba nahi hoti wo  phir bhe nazar andaz kr deta hy.


Just a Moment

He already died but she was looking at him as if he might utter some words,, he might advise her something… why is it not happening? Her mind could not read this, I could feel the shiver in her body. She leaned towards him and whispered in his ears something but no response. This was the time I could see her heart sink and a gulp in her throat that was difficult for her to swallow. She put her hands in front of her mouth and she squeaked in complete disbelief. Tears started rolling down her cheeks and the shiver became even worse. She stepped back to see him more clearly. She took a deep breath and looked up as if prayed to Allah for some miracle to happen but moved her head as if she was replied a NO, and at the very same moment she started to cry bitterly as if she has accepted this loss. No more can she hear the voice, no more can she talk to him, no more he will look back, no more will she ask for something, the relation of everything turned to no more than just a memory.

But wait…

You are alive, live up the relations that are around you. Endure them, talk as much laugh as much, speak as much, love as much. Live your life so that you may not regret that one more sentence, one more sight, one more smile…. ‘Coz its just a single second when life turns to death so Live it as you are alive. its just a moment.


The Shouting Silence

There has been a hustle and bustle of thoughts in my mind and i decided to put up in words. as early in the morning i decided to go and sit in the garden there was utter silence around, i looked up in the sky and it was changing its color, the clouds were rushing to move to another place as i looked at the trees it seemed as if there leaves started to clap for me to welcome me to enjoy this moment of change, the breeze touched me so softly as if hugging me for being a part of the moment the fragrance of the flowers swirled around me telling about there presence. i took of my slippers to walk in the garden and thee dew drops on the grass gave me a cold joy and refreshed the brain my body it was such a warm welcome to me from the nature as if they ever wanted me to be with them. this beautiful silence was shouting  at me to  be with it to endure it to absorb it into the soul and to be a part of it for ever and ever.